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eBay Inc. Digital Bay


Competition: Spark:Experience
Designer: Gideon D'Arcangelo - Principal
Design Type: Showroom
Company / Organization / School: ESI Design
Team Members: Ed Purver: Media and Experience Design Lead Chris Niederer: Physical Designer Jonathan Grimm: Art Director Ilona Parkansky: Project Manager Alex Gallafent: Project Writer Trip Kyle: Production Manager

A theatrical storytelling environment brings eBay offerings to life with technology and media. The Digital Bay is a B2B storytelling simulation environment for visitors to eBay Inc.’s Commerce Innovation Showcase. A staff presenter leads visitors through a prototypical customer story, told virtually through digital and physically simulated environments that demonstrate eBay Inc.’s retail services. With the help of movable projection walls, rolling touchscreens, hidden product displays and the presenter’s devices, the dynamic Digital Bay shows potential clients how eBay solutions optimize their ability to compete in an ever-evolving landscape. ESI conceived these elements by starting from the consumer’s perspective. The narratives in the Digital Bay are richly layered, just like real life: the viewer moves between physical and digital worlds, and between local and global experiences. When such movement is seamless, it engages: this aspect of the Digital Bay shows how eBay solutions use technology to deepen human relationships. The Digital Bay also evolves: Stories, including their media and technological effects, can be created or changed to suit the needs of staff. The CMS is updatable to include all of eBay Inc.’s commerce solutions, which are further brought to life with the incorporation of live eBay technology into the showcase itself.