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Winner - Gold

Competition: Spark:Concept
Designer: Jacques Laramie
Design Type: Concept
Company / Organization / School: Enlighten
Team Members: Jacques Laramie & Eleanor Sandford

Enlighten is a digital film which is applied directly to your windows, edge to edge. It can be programmed to display millions of colors and patterns, while providing all the benefits of traditional window coverings such as managing light, controlling the temperature of a space and providing privacy. Smart, connected, and self-powered, Enlighten has the ability to adapt to the weather to maintain a desired internal temperature, talk to other smart devices in your home, and provide endless options for personalization. Enlighten has four parts: The multi-layered, self-adhering digital film, the smart housing, the control wand, and the app. The first layer of the film is a transparent solar cell which collects and stores the sun’s energy in rechargeable batteries located in the housing - allowing Enlighten to be self-powered. By using solar energy alone enlighten can significantly offset the power needed to run your HVAC system-saving you time and money. The next layers use liquid-crystal technology to control the opacity, color and design of the film. Enlighten's control wand allows you to adjust the opacity and position of the films image quickly and easily and the app can be used on any wireless device to fully unlock Enlighten's potential.