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Competition: Spark:Fall Concept
Designer: JiHyun An - Student
Design Type: product design
Company / Organization / School: Sookmyung women's university
Team Members: YuJin Lee

People usually think that hearing-impaired people cannot listen to music but “MMuu[mu:]” will allow them to listen to music. ‘Listening’ means not only ‘can hear’ but also ‘feeling through their own methods’. This way, “MMuu[mu:]” will expand your experience. We applied our slogan ‘everyone is equal’ to design the form of the product. It is in the shape of a mobile phone that people normally use to listen to music. Although specifications of the product is similar to a mobile phone, it has different levels of vibration according to waves and soundwaves. Also it is not in a flat shape like the mobile phone. It is in a curved shape to allow a closer view of a equalizer. Also, MMuu[mu:] gives a stable grip. When it is held, vibrations can be felt at the back of the product. In addition, disable people have less developed sense of touch so we used a suitable emboss structure to help them feel the vibration better. Vibrations can also be felt on both sides and back of the product so when the product is used with one hand, left handers can feel the vibrations on their thumb.