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Vintage Charm by Pyrex


Competition: Spark:Product
Designer: Karl Ludeman - Design Lead
Design Type: Glass Bowls
Company / Organization / School: World Kitchen, LLC
Team Members: Tania Aldous, Travis Harvey, Paul Zhang, Michael Scheffki, Emily Glusic, Susie Seum, Kaleidoscope

We love the classic Pyrex® opal glass pieces. Their designs have echoed through time, and have been cherished by generations to create countless memories. And while memories cannot be recreated, they forever evoke an emotional connection to our past. That’s why we chose to pay homage to vintage Pyrex® opal glass, but re-imagined for a new generation. Familiar, but something different. Irreverant, but with charm. As designs evolve their soul lives on with each new memory they become part of us, and the love continues on.