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Aprilli Flower Vase Collection


Competition: Spark:Product
Designer: Steve Lee - Principal
Design Type: Accessories, Vase
Company / Organization / School: Aprilli

Aprilli flower vase collection is a group of 3d printed designer vases each having distinctive shapes that can provide a unique platform for diverse floral arrangements and compositions. The vases are designed to have a minimal but elegant structural setting which provides unlimited opportunities for floral designers to create their artwork and displays. Each vase consists of three to twenty stems which are comprised of a singular glass tube housing water and flowers that can be easily removed and replaced for refilling water and rearranging flowers without moving the vase form its original position. The sculptural form along with diverse floral arrangement schemes are intended to create a strong artistic presence that changes the atmosphere of any interior through the expressed styles of the floral designer and fill the space with life and refreshment.