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Winner - Bronze

Competition: Spark:Communication
Designer: Yves Behar - Principal Designer
Design Type: Brand Identity
Company / Organization / School: Zolt
Team Members: Kristine Arth, Anthony DeCosta, Sarah Neurnberger, Heather Arnold, Melissa Guthrie

The technologists at Avogy invented a new type of circuit board that would allow a compact device to charge multiple devices simultaneously. We worked with the team to develop a full consumer-facing brand around this new technological offering - from naming and logo, to its signature charger. The majority of charging devices are unmemorable - large brick-like devices with no personality, that are often an inconvenience to lug around. The Zolt brand is meant to break this mold, with a product that is both convenient and optimistic. Even the name, Zolt, has a charge to it. Everything from the color palette and naming to the brand language is friendly, exciting, and has a style of its own. The logo abstractedly represents the shape of the core product itself: an octagon, turned on its side to add dynamic energy.