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Ampfly: Sound Amplifying Phone Case


Competition: Spark:Experience
Designer: Philip Kunovski - Mr.
Design Type: Passive Acoustics Design
Company / Organization / School: Entangle Ltd.
Team Members: Richard Prudence Andy Nancollis

Ampfly is a portable and protective smartphone case that amplifies the sound output of one’s mobile device. Without using any electronics, batteries or cables the case amplifies the volume of a phone by up to 3 times. A process of tests and adjustments led to the optimisation of the product in more than one way: instead of using any electronic energy, the case works using a specially designed internal horn shape to boost the sound of the device. The design is based on an algorithm developed according to acoustic principles. This makes the product as energy-efficient and sustainable as a sound amplifying case can be. Further adjustments and fine-tuning applied to the physics of the product resulted in improved sound quality and ensures maximum user benefit. The product can be custom-built for different cell phone models and mobile devices according to their respective speakers. Ampfly was designed by two university engineering graduates in 2012. The product is made and manufactured in the UK, using the most effective high-grade plastics to ensure perfect function and impeccable quality. MTV has recently taken interest in the product and teamed up with the designers to make it available for the consumer market.