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Competition: Spark:Product
Designer: Hellen Chung - CEO
Design Type:
Company / Organization / School: Peanut+
Team Members: Ken Park, Jacky Jeon

According diffusion of social network media with growth of smart device features and role, desire of recording and sharing of daily life are increasing and selfie became a part of cultures. These days lots of people enjoy selfie, but sometimes they don't get satisfy results of photos in the evening or dark. SELFY LIGHT was created to solve the problems, it is a compact LED lighting that assist camera functions and enable you to photograph well. When using the front camera of a smart phone, It prevents unclear subjects, background on photos, which are taken in a dark room, at sunset, at night and against the light. When using the rear camera, It prevents distorted images by red-eye effect and high light. SELFY LIGHT is simply connected into the 3.5pi port of any smart device and the brightness of LED is adjustable for various situations. It will upgrade selfie culture and make your face shiny anytime, anywhere.