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Winner - Bronze

Competition: Spark:Product
Designer: Mr. Marcel Schreuder, John Kock, Sebastiaan van Oost, Renze Rispens, Sanne Pelgrom, Giovanni Doci
Design Type: electric scooter

JAC< (from "jack knife") is a foldable electric scooter that acts as a final miles solution with your car in city or public transportation. The vehicle is completely built in light and durable aluminum, weighing only 16kg. JAC< has a powerful 400W hub motor and a Li-poly battery that offers a 10 mile range. The system is switches on and off by presenting a RFID tag to the display. The folded package (39"x15"x10") comfortably resides in the trunk, where it is charged in its power dock. When you arrive at the edge of town, simply pull out the scooter and unfold it in 3 easy steps, and you're off. For use with public transport, the folded package can ride on its rear wheel, comfortably held by a handle at the front. JAC< will be on the market mid 2013 under the LEEV Mobility brand.