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Bowling Extinguisher

Winner - Silver

Competition: Spark:Concept
Designer: Tae-Su Moon - Mr.
Design Type: safety equipment
Company / Organization / School: Dongseo Univ
Team Members: Tae-Su Moon, Shin Myoung-Jae & Yoo Su-Ah

The present extinguisher is easily exposed to danger as it has to be used at a close distance from fire. It is also a too much trouble for the ailing or weak people due to the recoil generated when using the extinguisher and the formidable weight. Because Bowling Extinguisher can keep the safe distance against danger and is used by simply rolling towards the target like bowling, it is the safe and convenient fire extinguisher for the ailing or weak people. The round shape offers easy access to everyone. The extinguisher of which safety pin is taken off sprays the foam liquid when it is contacted by the heat of fire. Bowling Extinguisher rotates 360˚ after rolling and sprays the foam liquid in all directions.