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Sensei Labs Welcome Kit


Competition: Spark:Communication
Designer: Shingo Shimizu - Senior Designer
Design Type: Direct Marketing / Packaging
Company / Organization / School: Sensei Labs
Team Members: Stephen Crowhurst, Art Director Evan Pacht, Customer Success Coach Richard Prasad, Customer Success Coach Jay Goldman, Managing Director

In the world of technology, creating a positive user experience should start well before the customer actually starts using the product. Just look at brilliantly packaged consumer technology products like Apple Watch that make the unboxing of the product as special as the gadget itself. That’s why the team at Sensei Labs developed a Welcome Kit to be their clients’ first tangible experience with SenseiOS, the world’s first enterprise operating software. The large black contemporary box is simple yet sophisticated in keeping with Sensei Labs’ branding and overall platform. The suede-like material of the box underscores the tactile experience. Sensei Labs’ red is used on throughout the kit to draw attention to key action areas and provide vivid contrast to the dramatic black box.