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The Halo Light

Winner - Bronze

Competition: Spark:Product
Designer: Alex Diener - Creative Director
Design Type: Product
Company / Organization / School: Pensar
Team Members: Alex Diener, Kristin Will, John Murkowski, Chad Brinckerhoff, Trent Wetherbee, Jonathan Hadley (and from Illumagear (Client): Andrew Royal, Max Baker, John Manthey)

THE PROBLEM: Low-visibility on high-risk construction sites can cause injury and fatality to workers. • Workers can't fully see what they're doing • Traffic and Heavy equipment operators can't see workers • Underground workers can't see without lighting set-ups • It’s hard to get lighting off the ground for work on bridges, etc. OUR SOLUTION: Succeed where current products fail. • 12 hr. battery life and lightweight for a full shift • Ensure workers are visible from all sides • Bright enough to be seen ¼ mile away • Light workers’ periphery • Require no secondary light source to illuminate • Move with the worker including underground and off the ground • Be rugged enough for construction sites IP67 rated and drop tested • Be simple enough to use without instruction • Be energy efficient • Simple and intuitive to use. There’s only 1 button, pressing it cycles through 4 modes - Halo (360°), Hi-Alert (bright pulsing), Task (front 1/3 of the Halo is brighter) and Dim (for working next to someone). • Installation requires simply pushing The Halo Light on to the hard hat. Removal is just pulling it off. It takes less than a second. • The Halo Light is powered by a rechargeable battery that clips to clothing with a safety release that detaches if the cable becomes ensnared. • Look iconic in the market and in the field, the light itself is the brand – as you move further away, the housing becomes invisible, leaving only the halo of light.