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Winner - Gold

Competition: Spark:Spring Concept
Designer: Soyoung Lee
Design Type: Conceptual Branding
Company / Organization / School: University of Nevada, Las Vegas

Design for a conceptual non-profit organization focused on helping people affected by domestic violence. The goal was to promote a social cause in a clear and efficient way. This project can be expanded into a series that includes children and men affected as well. The logo shows a new interpretation of “fighting” by shaping a fist into a heart. The fist symbolizes the fight against violence, but it is shaped as a heart. The new shape means a new focus from physical violence into a love for helping others. Instead of showcasing the terrible effects of being assaulted physically, the design aims to promote the value of helping others. For example, the interactive ads allow one small action (such as moving the mouse) to erase the bruises on the pictures of people’s faces. The use of stickers allows people to experience what it’s like to take action by peeling off the bruises from pictures of faces. This design demonstrates how a small action can have a profound effect. It also allows the organization to promote a social cause in a creative and efficient way. More information: