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Competition: Spark:Wear
Designer: Sara Ahli
Design Type: Fashion and Wear
Company / Organization / School: California College of the Arts

Inspired by the glass blowing process and fragmented layers within glass, Multiply is a jacket designed as a multi aesthetic jacket. Multiply turns into a Tail jacket, capturing the movement and rhythm of glass when heated and molded and an Architectural jacket, acting as a literal extension of oneself, to capture space, to become a walking piece of architecture. During a summer course in Italy through the California College of the Arts, I found myself very attached to the glass art in Venice. I went to a museum exhibiting Venini glass in which the perception of glass, sculpture and architecture became the concept for the jacket. After the course was over, I spent a good amount of time in the glass department at CCA. Watching the glass blowers work in intense heat was like watching a dance performance between artist and glass. The artists stretched and slumped the glass from a liquid to a solid structure. I was able to discover techniques used in glass like the molding, and layering in order to build this structural form. I am now taking the next step of developing ways in which the architectural back piece can act as a functional storage unit.