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Competition: Spark:Fall Concept
Designer: Imkyung Han
Design Type: Food processor
Company / Organization / School: UNIST
Team Members: Chajoong Kim James Andrew Self Yunwoo Jeong

The food processor ‘Milluet’ combines the past millstone form metaphor and the contemporary blender driven interaction. The first function is a blender function that grinds ingredients such as millstone. The blade speed of the blender can be adjusted through the rotating movement of holding the handle. The transparent upper body allows the user to see how much of the ingredient is crushed and make juices or tender meat. The blender blade is connected to the motor. The gyro sensor can detect the user's rotational speed. When the user rotates one turn, the motor can run at three times faster. So it allows the user to easily move the material without applying force. The second function is a Spiralizer and Slicer function that can make vegetable surfaces. Vegetable noodle can be made in two kinds, like spaghetti with triangular cross-section and fettuccine with long cross-section. The gear is also connected to the main body motor so that the user can easily pull out the vegetable noodle without much power. This vegetable side is piled up in the upper body and the user can put it directly without having to prepare the bowl separately.