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Windows Phone 8X

Winner - Spark!

Competition: Spark:Product
Designer: One & Co Design Team
Design Type: Product
Company / Organization / School: One & Co

The 8X embodies absolute harmony between the physical and digital experience. To achieve this, the design team imagined how a smartphone could encapsulate the essence of Microsoft’s Live Tile—an ever-changing, informational tile at the heart of the interface—and bring it to life in a physical form. This was accomplished by creating a square silhouette that reflected the thinness and lightness of the Live Tiles. At the same time, contrasting the linear silhouette with an incredibly soft, pillow-like form gave a human touch that personified the user interface. Windows Phone 8X has an iconic, uninterrupted form: curved glass wraps around to the seamless back housing, creating the effect of one continuous shell. As well, the thin tapered edge arcs gracefully across the back, creating a form that contours to the hand and feels remarkably slim. All features are reduced to the bare minimum in an effort to take out the complexity and mimic the purity of Windows. The beauty of the 8X design lies in what you don’t see. Achieving the seamless uninterrupted form required rethinking everything from the inside out. Many components had to be newly engineered to fit into the tapering edge. Within the body lies an innovative and new layout formed with the processor, battery, PCB and other components stacked in a pyramid creating a gracefully arcing back that fits elegantly into the human hand. The iconic beauty of the 8X came from an intensive collaboration between design