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Competition: Spark:Health
Designer: Boombang Design Team
Design Type: MRI Audio Video System
Company / Organization / School: Boombang Inc.

SMRT Image Lumica is an audio-video projection solution that offers two-way communication between patients and medical professionals for clinical MRI imaging centers and fMRI research facilities. The system allows an MRI machine operator to supply a patient with AV stimulus for research, or entertainment media to reduce stress, helping to eliminate the need costly for re-scans. A High Definition projection display immerses patients in a theater like experience while allowing them to communicate with the operator using a built in two-way camera and microphone system. Foam ear cushions stabilize the patient while providing sound isolation for low profile stereo electrostatic earspeakers. An adjustable patient mirror offers a wide field of view and is compatible with multiple brain amplifying coils. The control room console allows operators to monitor the patient, stream AV content and deliver fMRI stimuli through a touchscreen interface.