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Camp Quality


Competition: Spark:Digital
Designer: Liz McLean - CEO
Design Type: Website -
Company / Organization / School: Butterfly
Team Members: Camp Quality Team David Aitken Jana Cooper Tereza Culina Molly Freeman Erik Lau Helen Merrick Trinity Morris Butterfly Team Brad Masters (Producer) Sophie Gulbenkian (Designer) Sean Shi (Lead Developer) Carol Galila (Developer) Draco Chan (Developer)

After extensive consultation, Butterfly developed a stunning responsive website that speaks to all Camp Quality's stakeholders; children, parents, health and education professionals, volunteers, donors and staff. Our unique program finder uses tags to categorise programs according to user needs, so regardless of the motivation for visiting the site, there is a simple way to navigate to program information that is right for each user. The vibrant design and stunning photography make this site a delight to experience, telling the story of the organisation and all the people it supports, in a joyful and optimistic way that is aligned with Camp Quality's values and goals.