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Earthlinked Geothermal Heating System


Competition: Spark:Product
Designer: Rob Brady - CEO / Design Director
Design Type:
Company / Organization / School: ROBRADY design
Team Members: Matthew Vergin

The housing for the Earthlinked geothermal heating system is an enclosure that adds aesthetics and functionality to a technology that is typically overlooked. Signaling a departure from utilitarian, “off-the-shelf” options, Earthlinked’s redesigned housing is the first to complement the system inside instead of merely concealing it. Rounded corners, smooth panels, and hidden latches have something for homeowners, manufacturers, and service technicians alike. The softer shape, which includes a thicker, sound-dampening bottom plate, creates a quiet, attractive feature for both residential and commercial properties. The vertically-oriented panels allow the case to accommodate heating systems of various sizes with minimal adjustment. The hidden latches and minimal number of fasteners prevent unauthorized entry while granting easy and nearly 360 degree access for service technicians—a huge benefit identified very early in the research phase. Exterior copper accents highlight the system’s use of copper pipes (compared to competitors’ plastic pipes), an innovative and efficient feature that is exclusive to Earthlinked.