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Competition: Spark:Product
Designer: James Monsees - CEO and Cofounder of PAX Labs
Design Type:
Company / Organization / School: PAX Labs, Inc.
Team Members: Adam Bowen, Krista Hunter, Steven Christensen, Cole Hatton, Ari Atkins, Chenyue Xing

JUUL is the 1st e-cigarette to deliver nicotine satisfaction, akin to a cigarette, with game-changing chemistry, in an elegant product. JUUL is an intelligently engineered, satisfying vapor experience. For the first time, JUUL’s patented juice formula delivers a nicotine experience truly meeting the needs of cigarette smokers, featuring new, integrated technology and chemistry. JUUL introduced nicotine salt technology reverse-engineered from nicotine found in leaf tobacco, rather than free-base nicotine used in standard market products. In addition, our patented technologies provide a much more efficient, effective device, while our juice formula provides best-in-class vapor quality: a smoother delivery and superior nicotine satisfaction. It regulates the temperature with real-time measurement to deliver the right amount of power with every puff, and knows when the pod is empty so you don’t have to. JUUL’s sophisticated design takes care of every detail so the user can simply enjoy the experience: merely insert JUULpod and draw. The design incorporates multiple innovations: including a tiny microphone for the device pressure sensor and a custom battery for size and efficiency, We optimized satisfaction, taste, smell and quality of vapor, as well as pocketability, performance and aesthetics. JUUL delivers a simple, smart, satisfying vapor experience: an industry breakthrough.