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Competition: Spark:Health
Designer: Christian Nickum - President of Rocky Mountain Hardware
Design Type: Hardware
Company / Organization / School: Rocky Mountain Hardware
Team Members: Susan Grossinger, head of HOK Product Design / Beth Bernitt, HOK Product Design / Mark Banholze, HOK Product Designr

Rocky Mountain Hardware and HOK Product Design have joined forces to create Verdura, a new collection of antimicrobial door hardware. With an eye toward healthcare, spa and wellness centers, and even educational institutions, the designs are being hand cast using CuVerro®, a bactericidal copper from Olin Brass. While Rocky Mountain Hardware has distinguished itself over the past 20 years for designs produced in art-grade bronze, the company recently added the option of CuVerro. This new generation material is the first class of solid surfaces registered with the EPA to kill 99.9% of infectious bacteria within two hours 24/7* – its properties never washing out or wearing away. Moreover, CuVerro is highly sustainable, produced from 95% post-consumer materials including recycled copper wires and is 100% recyclable. The venture with Rocky Mountain Hardware represents the first hardware line to be created by HOK Product Design, and it is a collection that fills a void in the healthcare world where aesthetics are sometimes sacrificed to practicality. The initial collection includes a 3-x-3-inch and 3-x-9-inch escutcheon, 2 lever-style handles, and grips in a choice of 4 sizes. Three EPA registered copper alloys are being offered with a choice of finishes.