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Autologic AssistPlus


Competition: Spark:Spring Product
Designer: Greg Nielan
Design Type: Electronic/ Business
Company / Organization / School: AutoLogic
Team Members: Andrew Last

AssistPlus is the central hub of any modern workshop. Four times faster and more feature rich than the previous model, AssistPlus is a platform that expands as new functions and partners increase. Key aspects of the Assist service are delivered through AssistPlus, a comprehensive diagnostics device platform. Built to meet the challenges of diagnosing and repairing complex European-designed cars, the AssistPlus device combines a deep diagnostic feature set with a range of additional applications, including web browser, high resolution stills and video camera, live connection to Assist technicians and cloud-based vehicle reporting as well as file syncing. AssistPlus is a device platform, which means new technologies and new service providers can be added to the device as they become available, ensuring that the user’s device expands its value over time.