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Protect Bee

Winner - Bronze

Competition: Spark:Spring Concept
Designer: Wanki Kim
Design Type: Environment / Universal Design
Company / Organization / School: Hannam University
Team Members: 1.Ara Jo 2.Jisu kim 3.YeaJi Yun 4.Su hyeon Park

Honey bees are necessary for ecosystem, but they are about to face extinction. One of the reason for their death is wasp. If one wasp gets into a honey bee hive, it can kill about 10000 honey bee. Protect Bee can help honey bees live in their hives safely. I only thought of getting rid of wasps but I have found out that the size of wasps and honey bees are largely different. the reason for two of them fighting is the wisps are infiltrating over honey bees’ hive, so I thought about protecting honey bees and their hive by Protect bee which stops wasps getting into honey bees’ area.