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Winner - Platinum

Competition: Spark:Transport
Designer: ICON Design
Design Type: aircraft
Company / Organization / School: ICON Aircraft

The ICON A5 is the first product from ICON Aircraft and is therefore the definitive embodiment of the company’s mission to bring the freedom, fun, and adventure of aviation to those who dream of flying. Its purpose is to provide the most compelling recreational flying experience possible in an intuitive package that is easy and safe for novice pilots but also satisfying and thrilling for experienced pilots. This is a marked departure from traditional transportation-focused small aircraft that neglect the visceral and subjective aspects of flying that make it resonate so strongly with the innate human interest in freedom and exploration. Folding wings allow it to be transported to remote lakes and stored away from airports, while the amphibious nature (water or land-based) expands its capability to make it an unparalleled recreational vehicle. A host of safety features, including intuitive cockpit, angle of attack gauge, complete airframe parachute, and the first conventional production airframe to meet the FAA’S Part 23 standard for spin resistance (addressing the single greatest cause of pilot-related fatalities), are included to provide pilots with the peace of mind to focus on the fun of flying instead of complex resource management.