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Competition: Spark:Product
Designer: Yunwoo Jeong - Professor
Design Type: Head Up Display
Company / Organization / School: HLB/ Disegno T9 / UNIST (Ulsan National Institute of Science & Technology)
Team Members: Jeong-Min Park, Kyo-Hwe Goo, Bo-Ram Noh, Hye-Bin Song

AproVIEW is an aftermarket head up display that encourages a better driving experience. It is for purposeful drivers seeking for an upmarket driving experience with the combination of trend, technology and style. AproVIEW GUI is redesigned for the drivers with the driving context in mind. The GUI is redesigned to provide simple, intuitive and accurate information to the driver using appropriate colors, shapes and interactions. The radiator-like form helps the product to suit all car interiors, to reduce the sun glare from the outside environment, to hide the air vents for a minimalistic look, and to reduce the chunkiness of AproVIEW. AproVIEW is distinguished from competing HUDs, not only with its redesigned GUI and exterior form, but with technologies found in pre-installed premium cars such as Virtual Distancing and Ghost Prevention. These benefits help the driver to concentrate on the road ahead after reading the information quickly without hesitation. AproVIEW takes care of the needs and the safeties of the driver while making the driving experience fun and enjoyable to drive.