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Competition: Spark:Concept
Designer: Shirley Rodriguez - Designer
Design Type: Health Product
Company / Organization / School: Art Center College of Design

The main problem with arthritis is the lack of daily exercise. The challenge was to motivate children to exercising on their own, rather than being forced to do it. The solution was an interactive game on the iPad that used ergonomic tools to strengthen the most affected joints of the hands.The game provides feedback to the child on how to accurately perform each exercise. Moreover, the tools only afford one hand position and focuses on one joint group to further provide correct exercising. It is a fun game that helps children forget they have a disease and that they are actually exercising their hands. Monstas uses simple electrical conduction to let the tablet know the tool is active. Conductive silicone on the inside and the sides of the tool come together when the child does an exercise. Only when the tool is squeezed, exercising, does the circuit complete and the tablet recognizes it. The tools can be played with or without the iPad, and the iPad game still provides basic hand exercises without the tools.