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Fire Extinguisher+

Winner - Bronze

Competition: Spark:Concept
Designer: Mr. Kyoung Mo Baek
Design Type: Concept Design

Team Members_Baek_Kyoung Mo / Hong-ik University & Kim_Sun Ju / Hong-ik University & Jang_Hyun Woo / Hong-ik University & Jang_Won Park / Hong-ik University. 1. By the sensor recognize the smoke on fire the light under the “FIRE EXTINGUISHER+ ”is operated. This can help speedy reaction in emergency by sending the location of the extinguisher. 2. When it is on fire, you can put out fire after you remove the safety pin situated in front of the extinguish horse and press the upper button of the holder of the “FIRE EXTINGUISHER+ ” 3. When the building is demolished or isolated you can push the button of the “FIRE EXTINGUISER+ ” and expose yourself. You can let people know where you are and can send rescue signal very quickly and this can lead you get out of the trouble.