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Competition: Spark:Fall Product
Designer: Karim Rashid - Designer
Design Type: Phone Charger, Power Bank
Company / Organization / School: Push & Shove

Bump is the next truly democratic product for the digital age. Bump is the universal accessory that provides a stylish solution to one of life's most common headaches. Consisting of a wall plug, power bank, premium cable, and holder, bump provides an energy boost (up to 1.5x extra battery) to your mobile device while the user is on the go, saving them time from searching for an outlet to charge their device. Intended to avoid the mess and stress of the everyday, bump declutters the user’s life and keeps them on the move. Studies say that on average a mobile device user spends 3.5 days of their life spent untangling cords. Bump bypasses that with its tangle-preventive, smooth functionality. Its pebble-like shape is pleasing to the eye and a delight to hold, bringing an unexpected optimism to a common part of contemporary life.