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Rescue Balloon


Competition: Spark:Transport
Designer: Wan ki Kim
Design Type: Accident
Company / Organization / School: hannam university
Team Members: Seongkyeong Son , Sung hoon Ryu

we get powerless when we face car accidents without any means of report such as no phones, or no battery. Furthermore, if a big car accident occurs and the driver gets unconscious, it cannot be reported to 911 which can cause secondary accident or damage on the driver's life. To solve such problems quickly, Rescue balloon will be a reporter for your safety. When a car accident occurs, Rescue ballon send up a LED balloon to sky and report to 911, and ambulance can find the scene of accident easily whether it is day or night by the glowing balloon. In addition, any near neighbors of the scene can find the balloon up in the sky and report to 911 for the car accident.