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Entertain-a-Bowls by Snapware


Competition: Spark:Product
Designer: World Kitchen Team - - -
Design Type: Product
Company / Organization / School: World Kitchen LLC
Team Members: World Kitchen Team

Entertain-a-Bowls by Snapware Transporting and serving food for a crowd usually requires consumers to choose between good function and good aesthetics with very few products doing both effectively. Through consumer observation and strategy development, Snapware created a cleverly designed product to satisfy consumer needs for on-the-go larger capacity food storage. Featuring integrated carry handles and securely latching lids, Entertain-a-Bowls are both fun and useful, and offer a nested design that provides compact storage in today’s modern space constrained kitchens. Consumer insights: • Bowls without handles can be awkward to carry • Serving bowls take up a lot of cabinet space • Transporting food in non-lidded serving bowls makes spills and splashes a problem • Covering a conventional serving bowl with plastic wrap doesn’t solve the problem • Lids are easily lost if they cannot be stored on the bowl • Glass or ceramic bowls are fragile when used for entertaining outdoors • Conventional food storage bowls are not very attractive for serving Features and benefits: • Carry handles provide easy handling • All three bowls with lids nest for compact, efficient storage • Lids securely latch to bowl for spill-proof transport and storage • Durable polypropylene construction is dishwasher and microwave safe, less prone to breakage during transport and easy to clean up • Smooth, friendly shape, with integrated carry handles and securely latching lids