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Winner - Silver

Competition: Spark:Concept
Designer: Mr. Sang-ki Kim - JDesignteam
Design Type: Mobile Accessory
Company / Organization / School: Jeju University
Team Members: Jae-kyung Kang , Seung-Hyeon Moon , Gi-Bong Heo

It is a cell-phone case that charges up a cell-phone battery by converting harmful electromagnetic waves from the cell phone into electric energy. As time goes by, smart phones are getting more popular. People always use smart phones except when they work and sleep. As they use electronic devices more often and carry out cell phones all the time, the are exposed to electromagnetic waves most of the time. To solve such a problem, it is necessary to block out electromagnetic waves. It is because electromagnetic waves are harmful to our body, and we should find ways to prevent these harmful waves from damaging our body. One of the most common ways used to prevent electromagnetic waves is using an electromagnetic wave-interception sticker on a cell phone. However, this product uses electromagnetic waves as an energy source for charging up the battery of a smart phone. In other words, this product converts harmful points of electromagnetic waves into energy useful for our daily lives.