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Winner - Platinum

Competition: Spark:Spring Concept
Designer: Sheng-Hung Lee - Designer, Maker, Adjunct Associate Professor
Design Type: Green Sea Defence
Company / Organization / School: IDEO
Team Members: Sheng-Hung Lee, Wan Kee Lee - Advisor: Tony Wong, Tasos Karahalios

Current artificial sea defence structures tend to be dislodged over time by the force of the ocean constantly crashing against them. They have also been criticized for destroying the natural scenery along coastlines. As for natural sea defence, more than 35% of the world’s mangroves are already gone because of the greenhouse effect. We identified not only challenges that we need to face but also found some opportunities that we’re going to focus e.g. Under mutual benefit/value theme, we will create symbiosis between artificial sea defence and natural sea defence. TetraPOT is a sea defence system made of concrete. It comes with plant seeds in a decomposable pot. Randomly distributed TetraPOTs along coastlines will eventually interlock to create a long-lasting sea defence of growing trees and roots that help keep the blocks in place. As plants grow inside out from TetraPOT, the roots will intertwine and gradually become a natural sea defence. The shape and placement will enable TetraPOTs to interlock with each other and form a structured web. The design not only prevents soil erosion, but also helps to protect and create a natural habitat. It is not only a defence, but also an ecosystem. A home for other livings.