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revolve window

Winner - Spark!

Competition: Spark:Concept
Designer: Mr. Sejoon Kim
Design Type: Interior design

Most house plants are trapped in their own indoor space. They need enough sunlight, rainwater, and natural wind. Otherwise, they would be dying gradually trapped their whole life indoors. The revolve window enables the flowerpots trapped indoors to easily move to an outdoor space by revolving the window along its center axis. When it is sunny, rainy or nice weather, this window offers a pleasant and flexible environment to the flowerpots by shifting them to outdoor or indoor space easily. Naturally, it protects the flowerpots from bad weather such as freezing winter days as well. The revolve window has a circular terrace where the pots are set on it. This window also can give urban space a warm and eco-friendly ambience of nature. As usual, the revolve window can open and close to the side. The revolve window not only expands the interior space but also allows the pots to transcend the barrier between indoors and outdoors making the scenery of a city more nature-friendly.