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One-Handed Tableware Set

Winner - Silver

Competition: Spark:Cause
Designer: Sahar Madanat Haddad - Founder & Chief Designer
Design Type: Product / Cause
Company / Organization / School: Sahar Madanat Design

This plate and bowl set is the ideal solution for one-handed users. Its unique design allows the user to cut their food directly in their dinning plate, keeping the meal hot and tasty. The ambidextrous design of this cutting edge not only serves as an elegant plate partition, but also an anchor for the bowl. The bowl is fixed into place, where the user can enjoy any soup, noodle, salad or snack in a stable and elegant plate setting. Inspiration: Stroke victims and people with disabilities have to adapt to eating with one hand, making cutting & scooping bites difficult and mealtime more stressful. This affects their health as they slowly start to eat less. Current solutions offer a cutting board to cut the meal before transferring it into a plate. This is time-consuming and does not work well for hot food. This solution enables users the chance to enjoy a hot meal without attracting too much attention to their disability—a socially acceptable and dignifying solution that helps bring fine & healthy dinning habits back to their lives. It is a stackable ceramic tableware set, easy to clean and dishwasher safe, with a hygienic design without seams where food may collect.