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At Will


Competition: Spark:Space
Designer: Shih-Jie Lin - Creative Director
Design Type: Interior Design
Company / Organization / School: Ganna Design
Team Members: Ting-Liang, Chen- Chief Designer

This is a project that combines the rough and the delicate. The designers reserve the rugged cement ceiling and from which starts the design of the whole project. The broad window view has been considered and the layout of the spaces was reconceived. Furthermore, traffic flows were smoothly arranged to provide diverse look of common areas and private rooms. The function of the kitchen island is deliberately divided into two parts: one side face to the cabinet is used as light meals desk and the opposite can be used as a bar, thereby increasing interactions of people in the house. Behind it is a trellis glass case in which displayed the boy's Lego collection. The concept of sofa arrangement is similar to that of Lego; users can piece together each sofa at will, change the position according to their daily activities, enjoying every moment at home. In addition, the colorful tiles create a clear walkway from the dressing area to the shower and toilet. Next to the window, the designers deliberately put the bathtub here and match it with a black chandelier, thus providing a luxurious hotel-like home and a “in vacation” life style for the house owner.