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ORDINARY Leg Prosthesis

Winner - Bronze

Competition: Spark:Spring Concept
Designer: Bin Kai Lok - Industrial Designer
Design Type: Health
Company / Organization / School: Lasalle College of the Arts

ORDINARY is a transtibial leg prosthesis designed for the everyday amputee. It is specifically designed to provide convenience in the alignment of the leg prosthesis, where amputees would be able to make minor adjustments in times of any discomfort faced while walking. Furthermore, amputees would be able to change their shoes easily with the convenience of realigning their leg prosthesis too. Unlike the conventional alignment method where traditional tools such as a screwdriver or a wrench is used, the concept of ORDINARY relies on a more convenient method in the realignment of the leg prosthesis, while not impeding on their walking gait. The amputee simply has to unlock the mechanism by twisting the knob, and he/she would be able to align the leg prosthesis by standing at a neutral position. Simply push and twist the knob to lock the mechanism after aligning (Static Alignment). The amputee could walk around to decide if the leg prosthesis is properly aligned. He can realign the leg prosthesis with ease if it is not aligned properly (Dynamic Alignment). This improved process does not steer away from the conventional alignment method but however, seeks to improve it.