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Winner - Silver

Competition: Spark:Concept
Designer: Sook Go
Company / Organization / School: Sejong University

When I was young, I saw a little pretty bird on the mountain. The bird quickly flew away, leaving only sound behind. I looked up in the sky to find the bird, but all I could see was tree branches and forest. The bird kept on singing, but I had no idea where it was. From very young, bird was the tree branches and big forest to me. This experience made me to visualize the sound of birds like forest. I have found the common image from the snowflake image of Cymascope. [According to an article ‘The amazing images that let us 'see' music’ from the Daily Mail, UK on Jan. 30. 2013, with the machine called ‘Cymascope,’ sound can be transformed into image and find out the sound of each scale. The image resembles snowflake.] Using this, I have made the center mandala. Also, with the mandala in the middle, the number of first branch represents the frequency of the bird crying. I designed the image to have more and bigger branches and leaves as the range gets bigger. Also, I have placed the birds according to the method of reading contour map and 4 seasons.