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Winner - Gold

Competition: Spark:Spring Concept
Designer: Seung Hyun Sung - Boxaw
Design Type: Chainsaw
Company / Organization / School: Sangmyung University
Team Members: Ja Heon Lee

Because saw blade for the preexisting electric saw sticks out, its user must be mindful of many risk factors like grip, power control, posture, and debris. In short, the electric saw falls in the high-risk product category. Boxaw frees lumbering effectively from such problematic risk factors. Boxaw, a box-shaped automatic power-chainsaw that cuts tree axiomatically by tying four sides of its body onto the tree trunk can be driven remotely via its own remote control. Also because this product saws tree through combined powers of tightening belt and incising built-in saw blade, thus releasing the logger from the hands-on operation, the safety of the user is secured and the efficiency of the work is raised.