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HTC Themes


Competition: Spark:Experience
Designer: HTC Design Team
Design Type: Experience
Company / Organization / School: HTC

HTC Themes was inspired by the human desire for uniqueness and self-expression. We knew that one of the first things people do with a new phone is to change the home screen wallpaper. And our customers told us they wanted the ability to further customize their phones. The design goal behind themes therefore was to empower users to personalize their experience on the phone to reflect their unique styles. And it had to be quick, easy and fun. The resulting system is part design, part back-end magic. From wallpapers to accent colors, users can customize almost any aspect of the HTC Sense interface to suit their interests. On the phone, there’s a simple 2-step creation tool and the store. Online, there’s Theme Maker and Maker Pro, which offer broader control over elements like the keyboard, colors and sounds. Anyone can publish designs to the store for HTC users to browse, bookmark and download. Users also see reviews, ratings and the number of downloads for each design. Initially available for phones running HTC Sense 7.0, Themes will continue to evolve to allow customization of even more design elements of HTC phones.