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Winner - Silver

Competition: Spark:Spring Concept
Designer: TEAGUE Design Team
Design Type: Airplane interior concept
Company / Organization / School: TEAGUE
Team Members: Devin Liddell, Arthur Wu, Churu Wu, Matt McElvogue, Hyung Jin Kim

Poppi is a concept for an airline of the future, a prototype for a startup brand unencumbered by the status quo. It is designed to illuminate the unique requirements of airlines operating five- to ten years from now. These requirements are three-fold. First, Poppi demonstrates how airlines will need to become software companies on some level, so that they can offer products, services, and environments that are contextually aware of travelers’ needs. Second, Poppi reveals the promising future of airlines as lifestyle brands, adding value to passengers’ lives both inside and outside the cabin. Third, Poppi reveals an essential shift toward member-driven business models that inspire a greater level of brand buy-in from passengers and help airlines climb out of the fare-as-commodity trap. Poppi is a portrait of future innovations within the airline industry and, as such, a roadmap for a new, better way forward.