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Epi-Inject Wall Mounted Epinephrine Injector


Designer: Ms. Pitallano+ Fong
Design Type: Medical Design

Food allergies are becoming an epidemic, endangering an increasing amount of people's lives. Regardless of the life threatening risk it brings to several people, food allergy victims and those around them are afraid and uncomfortable of stabbing an epinephrine injector into their bodies. Being one of two injectors in a family of products, this one focuses on public spaces and bringing more comfort to the person administering the epinephrine to the allergy victim. This device considers personal space, an easily understood form, simple injecting mechanisms, and raising awareness about food allergies. While epinephrine injectors are designed to be self-injected, many fear administering the medication themselves and often request assistance from a secondary person. However, it is no easier to have another person jabbing an epinephrine pen into an allergy victim's leg. As a result, Epi-Inject is designed to be wall mounted in public spaces such as restaurants and schools, raising awareness of food allergies and decreasing the possibility of having no medication at the time of an allergic reaction. In addition, it uses a spring loaded mechanism to inject the medication, eliminating the stabbing motion and need for physical force to treat allergies. Epi-Inject is also designed with audio instructions and a count down timer to make the process of treating allergies clear, relieving the stress of uncertainty. As a result, this product seeks to give people confidence to actively be ready to treat a severe allergic reaction at any time.