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Epi-Inject Pocket Sized Epinephrine Injector


Designer: Ms. Pitallano+ Fong
Design Type: Medical

Food allergies are becoming more common. The Centers For Disease Control (CDC) reported an 18% increase in food allergies just among children in the past decade. Yet some people with life-threatening allergies are not carrying an epi-pen with them. My design partner and I interviewed several people who have allergies or have children with allergies, as well as professionals who deal with allergies and allergy awareness. From the interviews, many expressed apprehension having to jab a needle into one's own thigh. Others were too afraid to do it themselves and did not want to be reminded of their condition. However, what was alarming were the casual interviews we came across where people with life-threatening allergies admitted that they didn't carry one because its size was inconvenient. They were willing to risk not having one for the sake of not having to carry it. Epi-Inject is a pocket-sized epinephrine injector used in the treatment of anaphalaxis caused by severe food allergies. The design addresses the following issues with the current Epi-Pen: 1) At 6", the current Epi-Pen is too bulky to carry every day; 2) the Epi-Pen requires a stabbing motion that is very violent and causes fear; and 3) many people are afraid of needles, and the current shape does not allay those needle fears. Epi-Inject fits in your pocket, can attach to a key chain or purse, and has a spring-loaded button that does the injecting for you. This pocket-sized epinephrine injector is one of two in a family of injectors exploring personal and public use.