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Competition: Spark:Product
Designer: Max Burton
Design Type:
Company / Organization / School: Cujo
Team Members: Max Burton, Chief Designer Hoang Nguyen, Principle Designer Clement Puertolas, Industrial Designer

CUJO is a smart, learning Internet security device designed to protect all connected home devices against hacks, malware and viruses. Playing cheekily off of the infamous thriller canine, Matter’s design team wanted to create a device that appears benign under ordinary circumstances but fierce when provoked. Most of the time Cujo is resting - eyes quietly facing down, just humming along. But when alerted to anomalous activity, its demeanor changes from dormant to aware (eyes rounded and alert). Cujo leaps into action. When Cujo has subverted the threat, it briefly and subtly consoles the user with its eyes up before returning to resting mode (eyes down). The physical form is intentionally sublime, expressing the semantics of familiar household vessels. The experience is emotional, rather than technical, to communicate the very real and personal nature of the material it is charged to protect. After all, data is the platform of our lives. The device is a reminder of the sentience of our digital lives.