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Winner - Gold

Competition: Spark:Concept
Designer: Chun-Yu, George Lee - Industrial Designer
Design Type: Wearable Product
Company / Organization / School: California College of the Arts

Prism collaborates with a smart-watch to help a deaf person communicating with a hearing person without any language barrier. Prism capture the sign language and translate the signs by using two micro-cameras. It is able to listen and speak to a hearing person with the micro-phone and the speaker installed. The smart-watch receives information from Prism and display the dialogue as texts on the smart-watch. The form factor is aimed to reduce interruption in a conversation by minimizing the manipulation of the device. The uni-body power button enables a spontaneous power switch to start a chat at any moment. The volume slide allows the deaf user to quickly realize the volume by feeling the area size on the diagonal slide. Prism’s proactive and fashionable design encourage a deaf person to engage a conversation with a hearing person. The device is designed to become a person’s fashion style. The design is to create a beautiful jewerly for the user to wear it everyday.