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The Pulse of Learning

Winner - Bronze

Competition: Spark:Fall Concept
Designer: Kelsey Meden
Design Type: Offices, working spaces
Company / Organization / School: Savannah College of Art and Design

A pulse is a central point of energy that propels a passionate feeling within, a creative urge to create. Learning is a pulse of perseverance, creativity, and self - a passion born from the playground, awoken through fun, and then killed with a test. Just like the blood running through us, a spirit pushes us to explore.  The pulse of learning continually beats with limitless ambitions, when we are awake, asleep, inside, outside, in class, outside class -like a heartbeat.   “For too long school has been framed as something to endure.”  - Head of the Blue School   The design helps to rejuvenate childhood learning before high school and give children a sense of direction, while increasing maturity, independence, and life skills.  As traditional libraries become less central to student learning, a new space type emerges to bridge academic and social learning in a tactical, playful, creative, and technological center of learning. To diversify social groups, the hallways engage students in ways that reduce exclusive cliques and bullying.  To increase intermingling of students, an amphitheater acts as a central point of gathering.  For more introverted students, nook-like seating between lockers are open on both sides to create comfort without exclusion.