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Swifty Fire Escape


Competition: Spark:Concept
Designer: Tsz Chung Chau - Designer
Design Type:
Company / Organization / School: Griffith University

As the rapid growth of economy and technology, building archived new height in modern construction industry. Fire escape becomes an important issue in these high rise developments. Evacuation and rescue is now more difficult than ever. Swifty is aim to provide a new horizontal approach for fast and reliable fire escape in high rise building evacuation. As the density of high rise development increase in city, the distance between buildings becomes narrower. It provides opportunity to link buildings and therefore users can slide to the safe point at nearby buildings through Swifty. Swifty can be applied in the situation of… 1.Staircase becomes impassable for elderly, disable and even normal occupant 2.Long vertical travel distance Swifty is the first high-rise evacuation device that introduces the idea of horizontal escape route from building to building. Form sliding between buildings, it reduced the evacuation time and escape distance. The design especially suitable for elderly, children and disable that is physically weak. The ultimate goal is to prevent casualties, injury and provide hope in desperate situation. Therefore, safety is also a main concern. Various safety measures were developed and characterized Swifty, including separated inflatable body, protected cover, and aerodynamic design.