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Castello 4


Competition: Spark:Space
Designer: Michael Liu - Chief Designer
Design Type: Restaurant/Bar
Company / Organization / School: Millimeter Interior Design Ltd.

The design starts from the center line of this space and used a bi-folding concept to create a symmetrical pattern in the shape of a vaulted ceiling, unusually designed with pillars in the shape of an inverted triangle. The original finishing of the space is retained to minimize the construction cost; adding to it are the cement board pillars and rusty plates that match perfectly with the existing concrete walls, giving it a raw and authentic feel. Rusty screens with laser-cut triangular pattern are placed in front of the large windows to conceal the discordant views and the structure of the building fa├žade, yet ensuring that the space is still illuminated by natural light. The distribution of lighting on the pillars highlights the differences between daylight and nightlight views. The main bar area is specifically designed in the middle with sitting areas on both sides to create a spacious area for customers to mingle around. Large mirrors are placed in different angles for the small and narrow toilets in order to enhance the overall spaciousness by reflecting the internal space. Triangular sinks are installed so that symmetries and angular shapes and patterns are extended to even the smallest areas.