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Connecting Lines


Competition: Spark:Space
Designer: Alain Wong - Design Director
Design Type: Residential Space
Company / Organization / School: COMODO Interior & Furniture Design Co. Ltd
Team Members: Eppie Fu

For the spatial planning, a line begins at the entrance leading to a platform separate the living and dining space at the lower level. Another line is the staircase handrail, which extends from the kitchen bar top, while also concealing the exposed areas of the kitchen. While on the upper floor, we allocate the place of the rooms and allied the room that will access more, and put the less-used space to one side of the apartment. In this apartment, we have all the beds able to fold-in, so there will be more space for activities. One of the best point of this duplex unit is its unique open landscape. To accentuate this feature, we also reduced closed layouts on the upper floor, so as to create a comfortable and bright living space. In addition to costume wood and pale shades, we used more color variation on the furniture to make the unit be lively and showing the personality of owner.