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Competition: Spark:Spring Product
Designer: Elnaz Sarraf - Vice President
Design Type: Video Monitor
Company / Organization / School: iFamCare
Team Members: Audrey Morrison, Eva Madronio, Ahmad Askar, Zabi Niazi

Helmet is iFamCare’s first generation home and pet monitor with interactive social features. It is intended to help people keep an eye on what is dear to their heart yet far away – pets at home, young or elderly family members who require supervision, or their valuables. Helmet allows you to interact with your pet by playing laser chase using the built-in laser beam. The monitor features 1080p HD video with zoom and night vision, two-way audio system, smart alerts, air sensor, 360° pan and 70° tilt, free iOS/Android app, laser pointer, social community, and 60 second installation. The full list of features includes: - 1080p full HD definition - 360° pan and 70° tilt - laser to play with your pet - basic air quality sensor - smart installation without cables - sound & motion alerts - two-way audio speakers - public photo & video gallery - night vision LED lights - free iFamCare app for iOS/Android