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Competition: Spark:Fall Product
Designer: PepsiCo Design & Innovation - PepsiCo Design & Innovation
Design Type: Innovation Kitchen
Company / Organization / School: PepsiCo Design & Innovation

PepsiCo continues to drive culinary, equipment and design innovation – now literally across the U.S. – with the launch of PepsiCo NSPIRE™, a new innovation kitchen on wheels. Designed in collaboration with award-winning industrial designer Karim Rashid, NSPIRE is a mobile culinary experience that is a physical manifestation of PepsiCo's many brands – blending flavors, colors and textures into a sensorial showcase through form and pattern to offer visitors an immersive interaction. With a goal to both disrupt and delight at impactful events like the Big Game, regional megacity events, and summits, NSPIRE features culinary, mixology and beverage innovation, offering an opportunity for PepsiCo to engage consumers with Pepsi Spire digital equipment while showcasing unique culinary creations. From a design perspective, NSPIRE is a graphic and transportation design system that is synergistic with the user interface of the Pepsi Spire family. The approach embodies the fun spirited nature of Pepsi Spire through colors and dynamic movement of graphics on a structural surface that is both minimal and modern in form. The halo shaped service window is a gesture to the approach at PepsiCo to bring both food and beverage offerings into one holistic experience.